A Few Words About Stress

Stress comes from how you interpret or think about what is happening to you. It’s not necessarily what’s happening–or even what has already happened. It’s the meaning your mind has assigned to the stressful event that causes the burden to amplify. Stress reactions are unique to the person experiencing them, so what causes stress in one person won’t necessarily cause stress or the same level of stress in another.

General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) was originally identified by Hans Selye.21 GAS is otherwise known as the “stress response.”21 Dr. Selye has written numerous works discussing the components of the GAS stages and some supplements that could be beneficial in reversing the harmful effects of a stress response.21 The three phases of GAS are the Alarm Phase, Stage of Resistance, and Stage of Exhaustion.21

The 3 Phases of General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS).21

What happens when your body engages its “fight or flight” response.22

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