Public Safety Response to Civil Unrest

The consequences of the current environment affect law enforcement officers and are compounded by the
negative psychological impacts, which already exist as a side effect of this uniquely trying profession. Keep in
mind of all this is occurring in the midst of a global pandemic.

These consequences may include the following:

Officer in Wearing Crowd Control Gear
  • Unprecedented numbers of police chief and law enforcement officer firings, unplanned or early retirements and resignations.
  • Budget cuts
  • Difficulty recruiting
  • Distractions from ‘crime fighting’8
  • Increased overtime and changes in shifts
  • Decreased staffing
  • Fractured community/law enforcement relations
  • Lowered morale
  • Limited proactivity due to fear of scrutiny
  • Increased personal stress on officers and department personnel9,10
  • Officer fatigue due to shift changes and other stressors
  • Inability to escape the current environment:
    • 24-hour news cycle
    • Social media posts regarding current events
    • Officers are repeatedly asked their opinion on current events, both on and off duty
  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms11
    • Substance abuse (both alcohol and drugs)12
    • Excessive or unhealthy eating habits
    • Extreme exercise
    • Obsessive behavior surrounding social media and mainstream news
    • Withdrawal from family, friends, peers, and/or activities once enjoyed
    • Self-destructive behavior
  • Fear of exposure to COVID-1913
  • Additional shifts on family schedules and dynamics Financial strain – childcare, education, and/or tutoring costs
  • Decreased support from family due to growing concerns for their officer’s safety
    • Pressure from family and friends to resign early or call out sick
  • Stressed interpersonal relationships
  • Feelings of betrayal when anti-police sentiments are expressed by family members or friends, both in person and on social media
  • Family members are anxious and unsure about how to support or talk to their family members in blue

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