The Anatomy of Stress

As officers, you are physically and emotionally tested during events such as protests, civil unrest, mass demonstrations or 1st Amendment assemblies; you, your colleagues, and other first responders are also often the last to seek help for work-related stress.22,23

Waring signs of stress during high intensty situations23
Sensory stressor which officers may experience during mass demonstrations.24
Stress and trauma in the field, particularly while policing protests, demonstrations, and 1st Amendment assemblies, can be amplified by the overall attack on the senses and the sensory confusion24, which you may experience in these tumultuous situations.

Managing Stress

Managing reactions to critical stress requires you to recognize that you are experiencing stress, and then, practice techniques which will help to reduce stress. These techniques are commonly referred to as self-care.25

There are also things you can do you can do to help manage your symptoms including:26

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